On phone or in person interpreting

HEMI Translations believes in the importance of great communication. We offer high-quality interpreters from and into Spanish, German, French and English in order for you to communicate whenever and with whomever you need it, whether it is an interview, a client meetings or a presentation, amongst many other options. Whether you need our services via phone or in person, our translators will be available every day.

Telephone Interpreting

Telephone translators are in charge of transmitting a message from the source to the target language via phone. These services ease the access to a translator form any part of the world, as there is no need for an in-person interpreter.

In person Interpreter

There are cases in which an in-person interpreter is preferable and this is why HEMI Translations offers professional in-person translators in a variety of occasions, from the most personal to official business meetings.

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